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Everything Josh Holloway

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Everything Josh Holloway
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Established: September 3, 2007

Welcome to the "Everything Josh Holloway" Community.

This community is the place for all fans of Josh Holloway to share news, articles, pictures, scans, videos, ask questions, and just have fun chatting about all things Josh.

Please read over the Community Rules before posting.


1. For the time being, this comm will not be accepting fan-fiction and icon posts. This may change in the future.

2. Spoiler postings for any of Josh Holloway's projects must use LJ-cuts. No exceptions. The word "spoiler" must be included in the subject title. If you're not sure your post has spoiler information or not, be safe and treat it as a spoiler and use a cut.

3. Large pictures over 500px wide on the main entry page should use an LJ-cut or a thumbnail link. We want to try to be as dial-up friendly as possible, and not make the layout go wacky.

4. All entries should have a subject title. That will make it easier to search the community. Using tags is also helpful.

5. Gossip about the personal life of Josh Holloway or his family is not allowed.

6. Paparazzi photos will be allowed only if they are from public events. Photos of a personal nature, i.e. a telephoto shot through a living room window, is strictly prohibited. Rule of thumb: If it's not from a public event or out in public, don't post it.

7. Trolling, flaming, racist or homophobic remarks, personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated. You will be banned.

8. No spam. No pimping sites or communities that have nothing to do with Josh Holloway.

9. Have fun!